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We don’t mess around when it comes to our skin, so we signed up for a trifecta of treatments at this tucked-away clinic: high-frequency ultrasound, a lactic acid skin peel, and an LED session. And our therapist took our skin just as seriously – we had a one-hour long consultation – and the clinic stocks proven skincare brands like Medik8 and Mesoestetic. The ultrasound portion was mildly painful, but totally bearable, especially when our therapist held up a mirror after completing half the face and we saw a fuller cheek and one previously non-existent cheekbone. The peel further plumped and hydrated our complexion, and the light treatment significantly reduced our sunspots and scars. Put us down for “impressed”. 

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Nestled within the heart of Camberwell, True Dermal Skin Clinic prides themselves on delivering to their clients the most advanced, cosmetic, medical-grade, non-invasive treatments. With nurses, clinicians and therapists to guide you on your skin journey, the team offer tailor-made treatment plans after in-depth consultations. 

The team at True Dermal make it a priority to educate you on your unique skin type and highlight the steps taking to achieve desired results. They create a bespoke experience for each individual from consultation, through to education, treatments and at-home skin routines.

Along with using non-invasive methods, the prescribed skincare offering includes premium cosmetic brands as well as some all-natural alternatives (as in so natural you can eat the products). There's a full spectrum of services, too, from lactic acid peels to high-frequency ultrasounds and LED sessions.

Visit the team at True Dermal for a specialised consult and treatment, or for any further information on their bourgie product offering. 

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@iamcalu I was saying on my story about a month ago my skin had a hormonal reaction ☹️ I always had a really good skin never had to deal with this kind of issues, I tried creams and many things until I decided to go to @truedermalclinic 🤗 I had a microdermabrasion that helped massively to clear my skin heaps in 24hs, My skin is glowing I’ve never seen it this way ! And I smile just because I can 💁🏼‍♀️


True Dermal Clinic Review by @iamcalu