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cool sculpting

Cool Sculpting

If you're having trouble moving troublesome unwanted fat, and you have tried everything from the gym to eating well, we have the ultimate spot fat reduction treatment! Perfect for parts of the body that are proving difficult to sculpt and shape, this treatment freezes fat cells so that they can be easily eliminated by the body.

Cool  Sculpting


Although you are eating right and exercising, it can sometimes be hard to eliminate unwanted fat. Women in particular often struggle with troublesome areas, particularly as they age, which can collect fat cells. These areas are tough to target in the gym, so they often turn to alternative methods such as Cool Sculpting. This is a technique that virtually freezes the fat cells. Using a specialized suction device, that will pull the fat cells to the surface of the skin. Controlled cooling is then used that works to freeze the cells, permanently killing the fat cells. This treatment works best when several treatments are combined, usually 4 weeks apart. To remove troublesome fat from the arms, legs, stomach, hips, or chin most people require a minimum of 6 sessions.


Another alternative to removing unwanted fat from troublesome areas is Laser Lipo. This is a process that uses a very low level cool laser to turn fat cells to liquid. The liquid fat is then transported to the liver, where it is metabolised and burned as added energy in the body. This laser treatment is extremely successful for people, and patients usually see about a 1/2 cm reduction in troublesome areas per treatment. For the best results, Laser Lipo should be used as a course of 10 separate treatments, conducted twice per week. Laser Lipo is a great way to treat stubborn fat in the chin, stomach, arms, legs, buttocks, or lower back area. Trust the team at True Dermal Clinic to help recommend the right course of treatments and administer this painless and effective fat loss treatment. For the best results long term, Laser Lipo can be paired together with Cool Sculpting.

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