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We believe that everyone should feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. True Dermal is a proud stockist of

Medik8 skincare.


Born out of a passion to strive for better skin health, Medik8 is science-led, cosmeceutical skincare range that gets results while still providing a beautiful user experience.

In addition to products for professional clinical treatments, Medik8 has products for home use to optimise results.

We also love that sustainability is an integral part of their mission, reducing their products’ footprint

on the planet. 

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Medik8 is a  trusted powerful skincare range delivering visible results.  Within their UK super-lab, innovation and research go hand in hand.  They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible so they can continue to develop exciting, unique and innovative skincare technologies. 

It's Medik8's  mission to ensure that no one has to make a choice between beautiful and clinical skincare created by cutting edge science.  Formulated with concentrated active ingredients, every Medik8 product offers great texture and beautiful fragrance.  Your senses can enjoy a day spa experience while your skin experiences serious professional skin care results. 

Medik 8 is
 a perfect fit for our use during our advanced clinical treatments and to offer clients for home use.  

Visit us in our clinic to learn more, or buy from our online store below.

Need a skincare refresh? Try one of our best sellers,
your skin will thank you.

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Be Liberated. Choose Clean.

Medki8 exist for one purpose; to liberate you from the choice between "results or experience".  There are so many skin care brands to choose from, but they either seem to offer you a nice pampering experience with no results, or a promise of results but with underwhelming packaging, textures and fragrances. Similarly, you traditionally have to choose between 'clean' skincare and results. If you want to avoid all the 'chemicals' that people are concerned with, then you have to go ultra-natural and forego the results we know you want.

With Medik8 you don't need to choose because you can have both.

Call now to book your free skin consultation with our highly qualified Skin Clinicians to find out which product will work best to improve your skin health. 

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Find your perfect product,

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