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Cellulite Therapy

Combat the signs of cellulite with

non-invasive therapies.

Cellulite is characterized by lumps and bumps on the skin surface, giving an orange peel, cottage cheese, or mattress like appearance . It is commonly found on the thighs and buttocks of women, beginning in puberty and progresses during life. It is considered a non inflammatory condition in the fat layer just below the skins surface (Dermis) to maximize fat storage for adequate caloric availability during pregnancy and lactation.


Reducing cellulite has never been easier, with approximately 85-98% of women over the age of 20 are believed to have some degree of cellulite.


The fat layer is made up of fat cells bunched together into rectangular sections with fibrous perpendicular (straight) branches called septa that secures the dermis to the deeper layers.  The fat cells begin to herniate into the dermis with age due to the break down in collagen and increase in fat volume, this causes the bumpy appearance on the surface. 

Cellulite worsens with pregnancy, menstrual cycle, use of contraceptives, and hormonal replacement.  Estrogen also influences the stimulation of an enzyme (lipoprotein lipase) which is responsible for the accumulation of fat as well as the breakdown of collagen type 1 in the dermal layer of the skin.  Therefore skin laxity has also been considered to play an important role in cellulite appearance or worsening.


During your consultation with our clinical experts, we will discuss your medical history, the age at which cellulite appeared, as well as prior occurrence of trauma, liposuction or injections on the affected area, presence of chronic vascular or associated hormonal disorders, and use of any medication that may contribute to the increase in the deposit of fat in the affected area. 


 The cellulite will be graded according to a Clinical Severity Scale (CSS) which assesses the depth of the cellulite, amount/number of depressions and raised areas, laxity of the skin, whether it is present standing, sitting or when pinching the skin as well as using the Nürnberger and Müller classification scale. 

This will then determine the type of treatment and the number of treatments you will require. 

A combination of treatments can be used to reduce the overall volume of fat cells, regenerate collagen within the dermis, improve circulation and assist in lymphatic drainage in the affected areas. 

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