Double chin fat removal

Double Chin Fat Removal 

Reduce fat under the chin and contour your neck line with a combination of treatments to dramatically reduce the fat volume under the chin.  During your consultation our clinical experts will guide you in the right treatment options to give you long lasting results. 

Our Cool Sculpture chin applicator is the latest fat freeze technology specially designed to reduce stubborn fat under the chin and contour the neck, can also treat inner knees, upper breast and under arms junction without surgery or any downtime.

Double Chin Fat Removal explained.... 

Until now, the double chin has been one of the most difficult area to address because it involves the accumulation of excess subcutaneous fat around the muscles of the chin. Known as “submental fullness”, this problem is usually caused by genetics, weight gain, or the natural ageing process, and cannot be resolved by diet and exercise. Until the introduction of the Cool Sculpture Chin applicator, the only available treatments were liposuction, surgery, or painful injectables. The Cool Sculpture Chin treatment is a revolutionary advancement simply because it achieves the same, if not better, results as liposuction or surgery without the cost, downtime, or risk of surgical complications in this delicate area!

Cool Sculpture precisely targets excess fat deposits with cooling energy, literally freezing and killing the unwanted cells while enabling the outer skin and surrounding tissues to remain unaffected. Once the targeted fat cells have died, they are easily and painlessly reabsorbed by the body’s natural metabolic processes.  Cool Sculpture fat freeze is the ideal contouring technology for permanent elimination of fat in hard-to-reach areas like the chin.  Optimal reduction of your double chin can usually be achieved in a few treatments!  Your slimmer chin will become visible three to four weeks after your treatment, as the body slowly absorbs the targeted fat cells.  If you have a double chin,  our caring clinicians will help you to reduce the unwanted extra fat under your chin. 

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Say goodbye to your double chin. 

Results in just 1 or 2 visits
Requires no needles
No surgery or downtime

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