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Laser Hair Removal treatment

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is the most effective form of hair removal this is currently available.

Our FDA & TGA approved medical laser device ensures safe and effective treatment by targeting and destroying the root of the follicle while maintaining integrity of the surrounding skin. 

It is advised to have a minimum of 6 treatments for a permanent reduction. No more painful waxing appointments or stubble from shaving.

Laser Treatment Options




Our Candela medical laser targets and destroys the root of the follicle while maintaining the integrity of the surrounding skin. The laser is attracted to the pigment within the hair follicle the laser is then converted to heat energy destroying the root within the follicle. This is a safe and effective treatment with proven results to reduce 30% of hair growth after 1 treatment.

We believe in true transparent advice to guide you in choosing the right treatment options for you and to provide you with as much information and answers throughout your journey with us. "

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