Anti-Ageing Treatment

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Every skin is unique, which is why we perform a thorough, professional skin analysis to best determine what your skin needs. 

Utilising the technology of the 'Observe' analysis equipment, allows our team of Dermal Therapists to assess underlying skin conditions and treat with precision. 



Anti-Ageing Treatment

As we age our skin changes. Not only do skin cells produce at a slower rate, leading to slower turnover, but the body starts to lose some key nutrients and components that lead to saggy, old skin. The skin often loses elasticity and collagen as a person ages. With the addition of an anti-ageing treatment, it is possible to restore the face and skin to achieve a younger look. One popular anti-ageing treatment method is to use a facial or chemical peel. This works to eliminate dead and dull skin cells on the surface, resulting in highlighting more youthful and younger skin cells lying underneath. Another popular anti-ageing treatment is laser therapy. Lasers have been known to help promote collagen development which can make the face appear fuller and plumper. Lasers can also help improve elasticity which can reduce the sign of ageing or sagging skin.


At True Dermal Clinic, we offer a breakthrough technology to help tighten and restore the skin. Our ultrasound skin tightening treatment uses the latest technology. Using ultrasound waves, we are able to make the skin tighter and more firm. The ultrasound wave works to penetrate the skin, forcing the body into creating more collagen and elastin. The elastin is responsible for making the skin appear tighter and younger, and the collagen is responsible for making our skin plumper and smooths out wrinkles. This skin tightening treatment is safe and effective. In just 6 to 12 treatments, patients are able to see a dramatic improvement in the tightness of the skin. This particular procedure works best when it is paired with a microdermabrasion treatment.