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Scalp hair re-growth

Scalp Hair Re-Grow

Both men and women alike want fuller, thicker and longer hair. As we age, hair follicles start to deteriorate and fail to produce high quality hairs, and sometimes fail to produce hair completely.  

Hair loss in some people causes psychological distress, luckily we have many proven hair loss treatments to rejuvenate and stimulate dormant follicles. Hair loss and hair thinning occur when the growth cycle is disrupted. This can be triggered by genetics, nutritional and medical situations, illness, or stress. 

Scalp Hair Re-Grow



The team at True Dermal Clinic has two different methods to help improve scalp hair regrowth. The first method to promote scalp hair regrowth is a scalp micro needling technique. During this process, a trained professional will gently insert tiny needles into the scalp. The needles will penetrate the hair follicle, providing fresh oxygen and nutrients which can promote the follicle to produce hair. The small amount of trauma done to the skin and follicle can cause a rush of blood to the area, filled with valuable minerals and vitamins, which can promote thicker and fuller hair. This treatment usually consists of 12 to 24 treatments for optimal results, requiring one treatment per week.


It is also possible to promote scalp hair regeneration through the use of an FDA approved laser treatment. The laser is used to trigger scalp hair regeneration by forcing the individual hair follicles to produce much-needed proteins for hair regeneration. Over time, the follicles become healthier, and produce high quality hair, leading to thicker and fuller hair. This is a simple process that only takes about 20 minutes for each treatment. The process is completely painless and many people are able to receive a laser treatment while on their lunch break. Further, this treatment method is extremely successful with about an 86% success rate in patients.

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