Meet the team


With over 10 years of managing experience Kimberley is constantly researching the best non-surgical cosmetic skin & body treatments, keeping the clinic at the forefront of the industry.  Her love for clinical based treatments drives her to bring you the latest technology to zap away fat cells and give you fresh, bright, healthy skin!


Iris' passion for helping people feel their best self, her love of skin & body treatments will inspire you!

Iris graduated from her Nursing degree in 2011 and has gained an amazing reputation in the cosmetic industry working along side some of Australia's greatest plastic, cosmetic surgeons & dermatologists.  

Iris is passionate about helping people feel good about themselves, her love of skin will inspire you!


Alicia graduated from beauty college in 1994,  then  continuing her studies to complete a Degree in Health Science (awarded class dux).  Over the past 20 years, Alicia has worked for a number of high profile skin clinics, dermatology and day surgery centres and has sought out the latest and greatest in skin health trends.  Alicia is wholeheartedly passionate about all treatments that give a long lasting result.


Ashlee's passion for  skin health & wellness keeps her up to date with the latest research on the latest cosmetic treatments to keep you looking amazing. With over 5 years of clinical experience, Ashlee's favourite go-to skin treatment is skin needling married with skin peels and highly active skin care to keep your skin looking fresh & healthy!



Shaely's knowledge of skin care is sure to impress, with over 5 years of clinical experience. Shaely is constantly researching the best treatment methods to give you amazing results with her treatment programs.  Shaely's favourite go-to body treatment is the Cool Sculpture to permanently kill fat cells combined with Laser Lipo to melt & flush them out of your system, giving fast, long lasting results.