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 Powerful active ingredients to gently resurface the outer layers of the skin to boost skin regeneration and restore a healthier, clearer and brighter complexion.

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Fresh, Clear & Bright

Mesoestetic Peels are an advanced line of the latest generation peels for skin rejuvenation and clarity. These peels contains Alpha and Beta Hydoxy Acids to weaken the bonds between superficial dead skin cells to reveal radiant, smoother skin.

Mesopeels are customised based on skin type and concerns and can improve a wide range of conditions such as signs of each phase of ageing, hyperpigmentation, congestion/acneic skin, dehydration and couperose. 

* Can be incorporated into any Laser Genesis, HIFU Ulthera, Microdermabasion or LED treatment to intensify results. 


Lactic Peels 30-40% 

Lactic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that stimulates the production of collagen, natural moisturising factors and supports the integrity of the dermal layer. This peel has a natural hydrating effect on the skin as a result of attracting water molecules to surface skin cells. Enhances skin barrier function and promotes ceramide production.

A fantastic treatment for skin ageing, expression lines and superficial wrinkles. Helps brighten dull, lacklustre skin, improves dehydration and couperose skin. 

Suitable for sensitive, dry or thinning skin. 

Salicylic Peels 10-20%

Salicylic is a Beta Hydroxy Acid that aids in the removal of keratinised dead skin cells, and has a sebum regulating effect. This chemical exfoliant breaks down intercellular 'cement', boosting cell regeneration and decongesting the skin.

Ideal for oily skin with acne or seborrheic blemishes, dilated pores and superficial acne scarring due to its anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties and ability to penetrate through oil. 

Mandelic Peels 30-40%

Mandelic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid that is perfect for oily and sebborheic skins with acneic tendencies. Due to its larger molecular size, it gently and gradually penetrates the skin, allowing for more gentler exfoliation. Stimulates collagen and proteoglycan synthesis, and boosts skin rejuvenation.

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