Skin Consultations


At True Dermal Clinic we offer high quality treatments delivering breakthrough results.


Your journey begins with a professional 

in-depth consultation addressing your skin and/or body concerns, your current skin or body routine and your desired outcome. 


We tailor make an individual treatment plan,  solution focused, for you to achieve the best possible result.  

Skin Treatments

Our treatments target anti-ageing concerns, congestion, enlarged pores, acne, uneven skin tone and texture, redness, scarring and dehydration  in addition to maintaining overall skin health.


Achieve beautiful younger looking skin



We offer an in-depth consultation, where our clinical experts will guide you through a personalised skin treatment plan.


Skin regeneration is a two step process; 

The first process is to regenerate the epidermis, we do this by resurfacing the skin using treatments such as peels and microdermabrasion.  The action of these treatments causes receptors in the skin to stimulate the cells in the basal layer (the layer at the bottom of the epidermis where the new cells reproduce).  As we age these cells slow down in regeneration and taking longer to move up to the surface of the skin this causes it to look dull, lifeless,

show wrinkles, dehydration, and general uneven texture. By stimulating the basal layer to regenerate skin faster, brings new fresh bright healthy looking skin cells to the surface.  

The second step to regenerate the skin is to stimulate the collagen and elastin within the second layer, the Dermis. The collagen and elastin is the support structure of the skin, its as strong as steel and it holds the skin in place  When we are young our dermis is nice and thick, full of collagen and elastin, as we age our collagen fibres start to degenerate and by the age of 28  the rate of degenerating collagen takes over the rate of regenerating collagen fibres causing a loss of volume and support in the skin.  This in turn causes sagging, wrinkles and aged skin.  The latest clinical trials and studies show that skin needling and laser resurfacing treatments penetrate the dermis assisting in the production and stimulation of new collagen and elastin fibres, giving you back your fullness and youthful skin. 

Our team of  Clinicians will guide you in the treatment options recommending a two fold system of epidermal and dermal stimulation in conjunction with clinical skin care to give you optimal skin radiance.

Skin Consultation  $50*

*redeemable on treatment or skin care