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Open Pores

Pores are openings to the hair follicle. Oily or ageing skin is more susceptible to enlarged pores as follicles are prone to being congested with dead keratinized skin cells, sebum, and debris. If left untreated, this can lead to blackheads, whiteheads, and acne.

The solution to minimizing or shrinking the pore size is to stimulate collagen & elastin production and to resurface the skin gently with an exfoliating or resurfacing treatment.


Open pores look like small pits in the skin, giving your skin a dimpled appearance or

uneven, dull, and aged look to your face. 

Pores are an important structure to our skin providing small openings at the top of our hair follicles that cover the entire body. Our pores release sebum, our body's natural oil, to naturally moisturise our skin to help keep it supple. Although large pores can be frustrating, pores are necessary for maintaining healthy skin. 

Here's what you can do to dramatically reduce open pores on your face;

Skin Treatment Options


Mechanically re surfaces the outer most layer of the epidermis. Removing excess of dead skin cells preventing any build up within our follicles preventing large pores and congestion leading to breakouts. By removing the dead superficial layers of the epidermis, we are able to gently reduce the size and appearance of the pore.


A pen like device with hundreds of micro needles gently penetrate the skin to promote the healing process and stimulate essential growth factors and natural production of collagen to improve and strengthen the underlying structure of the skin and desquamation of the epidermis to visibly reduce the pore size


This is a non-invasive laser treatment. It works by making thousands of tiny micro injuries in the top layers of skin that trigger the body’s healing process, replacing damaged skin with new, fresh tissue.


These Peels contain powerful active ingredients, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, to resurface the outer layer of the epidermis to boost cellular rejuvenation and renewal. A proven way to remove unwanted dead skin cells preventing pore blockages and cutting back the superficial epidermal layer diminishing pitted scaring enlarged pores and uneven skin tones.

We believe in true transparent advice to guide you in choosing the right treatment options for you and to provide you with as much information and answers throughout your journey with us. "

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