scalp hair regrowth

Laser Hair Re-grow

Laser Hair Regrow combined with Scalp Micro-Needling encourages hair regrowth, slows down hair loss, promotes better scalp health and hair shine, resulting in thicker healthier hair.

Encourage hair regrowth, slow down hair loss, promote better
scalp health and hair shine.

 Hair Loss

If you have noticed a receding hair line or worried about balding, the first step is to book a consultation with our clinical experts to discuss the best treatment options for you.  During your consultation with our clinical experts, we will discuss your medical history, the age at which hair loss appeared, your genetic history to determine the type of hair loss you have and grading of the hair loss.  We will then determine the type and number of treatments you will require. 


There are many causes of alopecia: medication from oral contraceptive to chemotherapy, autoimmune disease (ex. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and lupus), malnutrition, certain vitamin deficiencies, aggressive salon procedures including hair straightening and over traction from hair extensions, severe stress and physical trauma which can alter the growth/ resting (also called anagen/ telogen) phases of the hair follicles. 


Our treatment programs can help reverse these changes and regrow new hairs, resulting in thicker healthier hair. 


Most men experience male-pattern balding, called androgenic alopecia, beginning as early as the late 20’s. It is genetically determined and driven by the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotesterone (DHT).  DHT causes hair follicles on the scalp to gradually atrophy and become dormant. Treatments should commence as soon as possible as after a number of years the hair follicles may become permanently inactivated.



During the pre and postmenopausal years, about half of women experience with female pattern baldness, often combined with a diffuse thinning of hair. It is a result of estrogen decline and as androgenetic alopecia in men is driven by DHT.  Bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) will not minimise this type of hair loss in women. The hair loss many women experience after a pregnancy is usually temporary, Laser Hair Regrow can greatly speed re-growth.


With age, both men and women experience some diffuse scalp and body hair loss, caused by a gradual decline of the human growth hormone (HGH). Existing hair become much finer in texture. 




Laser Hair Regrow is a nonsurgical treatment scientifically proven to stimulate the promotion of hair regrowth by energising oxygenated blood flow and promoting protein production to the hair follicles. Our laser device is FDA approved and published scientific data proves laser therapy is safe and has an 86% success rate. The treatment is painless and sessions are 20 minutes.




Scalp Micro Needling consists of micro needles that cause microscopic injuries to the hair follicles, creating controlled injury whereby the body responds by sending platelets and plasma to the area to repair the damaged and injured cells increasing blood supply to the follicles. Results are thicker and healthier hair. A course of 12 to 24 combined treatments is recommended for optimal results, on a weekly basis.

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