Acne Scar skin treatment

Skin Treatments

Although many people regularly see the doctor for a wellness check, or even go to a hair salon for a haircut, they often forget to take care of their skin.

As the largest organ of the human body, the skin is a living and breathing organism that must be cared for. Unfortunately, too many people view skin treatments as a luxury, instead of a necessity of overall skin health.

For any type of troublesome area, or concern, the team at True Dermal Clinic has a skin treatment available. We have a range of products and treatments that can help treat both the face and the body.


With our variety of services, we are sure to find just the right treatment for you to help with ageing skin, unwanted fat cells, acne, or even a double chin. 

The team at True Dermal Clinic is passionate about skin treatments, and we want you to feel beautiful and confident in the skin you are in.

Skin Treatments


If you are unsure about which skin treatments are right for you, we offer skin consultations with a member of our professional team. Our goal at True Dermal Clinic is to make you feel confident. Our skin consultations are geared toward uncovering the root cause of your problem areas and formulating a plan to help correct them. During your consultation, we will learn about your medical history, current skin treatments and routines. We will learn about any medications you are currently on, as well as any potential allergies or sensitivities you may have. Together, we will create a custom plan to achieve the look you want. We understand that each and every person is different, and so deserves a different and bespoke treatment plan. Our skin consultations cost $50 and take one hour. During the consultation you are free to ask about any treatments we offer and learn about how the treatments can best work for you.

Finding a professional to help with skin treatments can be difficult. Many of the treatments offered can be complicated, intricate, and intense. Finding a skin professional that you know, and trust can make all the difference in a successful treatment. When searching for a “skin treatment near me” be sure to turn to the professionals at True Dermal Clinic. We are caring, professional, and experienced in a variety of skin treatment options. Ranging from Cool Sculpting, to chemical peels, and laser treatments, our team has the experience and qualifications necessary to give you the look and feel you deserve. The team at True Dermal Clinic is made up of professional educators and qualified nurses. Know that your skin care treatment will be performed in a safe, clean, and supportive environment. We are always learning and advancing our skills and are proud to offer a variety of cutting-edge treatments at the forefront of skin treatment technology.