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Double Chin Fat Removal

Double Chin Fat Removal

A double chin is a term used to describe the area below the natural chin line which can collect extra fat, giving the illusion of having two chins in place of one.

Men and women alike struggle with a double chin. The appearance of a double chin can worsen as a person ages.

A lack of elasticity in the skin, as well as pooling fat cells can make the double chin appearance more pronounced.

Double Chin Fat Removal


To combat this, people regularly seek out a double chin fat removal process to help reshape the chin and eliminate fat. At True Dermal Clinic, we have several methods that work well to reform the chin and give a smooth and flawless appearance. One of the most successful double chin fat removal solutions is Cool Sculpting. This is a method that works to separate the fat cells and freeze them. Once frozen, the fat cells die, leaving the area thinner and better shaped. Using Cool Sculpting for double chin fat removal is often extremely successful and many patients see results within the first few treatments.


The Cool Sculpting fat reduction treatment was first developed when Harvard scientists realised that children have less fat in their cheeks after eating popsicles. After examining this cause and effect relationship, scientists were able to highlight the mechanisms behind the phenomenon, and channel it into a popular fat reduction treatment. FDA approved, Cool Sculpting can be used for other areas of the body besides the chin. Cool Sculpting is perfect to remove unwanted fat from the stomach, buttocks, lower back, arms, or legs. This is a perfectly safe procedure that is a great alternative to invasive liposuction surgery.

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