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How to Avoid Lockdown Breakouts

There are many causes of breakouts, and your face mask could be one of them. Lingering makeup, dirt, bacteria and oil can build up on your face mask, sticking to your face. Face masks provide a layer of protection, but they can also irritate your skin, block your pores and flare acne.

You need to buy more than one reusable face mask and rotate them on alternate days. The more frequently you change/wash your face mask, the less dirt, bacteria and oil can stick to your skin. Never reuse disposable face masks, these need to be thrown out after a 4-hour period.

Besides washing your face mask there are other preventative measures you can take to avoid breakouts.

1. Use face masks made of breathable fabrics – Cotton is one of the most popular face mask materials. It’s cool and absorbent, comes in various thread counts, and is easy to wash.

2. Avoid fabric softeners - Liquid fabric softener can leave behind a waxy residue that blocks pores.

3. Thoroughly wash for face each night & morning– performing a double cleanse with cosmeceutical products will remove all dirt, make up, bacteria and oil while treating the skin to prevent future breakouts.

Besides washing and changing your face mask, the humid environment your mask creates around your face can lead to breakouts on your cheeks, chin and nose. This environment is a perfect breeding ground for p.acne bacteria; the bacteria that causes acne.

Remember to double cleanse your face every night before bed, wash your face mask without fabric softener every day, change your face mask every day and replace earlier if required. The stress of the pandemic and isolation can also exacerbate breakouts and acne.

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