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Using Light As A Skin Therapy – Which Type Is Best For Me?

Updated: Jan 30

We didn’t need scientists to convince us about the power of light on our skin and health, from giving us good vibes to vitamin D. Or that too much of a good thing is a problem in leading to sunburn and skin cancer. But science and technology are to thank for the extraordinary level of knowledge and machinery harnessing the power of controlled light to deliver results in the beauty and wellness industry that were once thought impossible.

The terms IPL and LED are not new, but many people don’t know how these types of light, and in the latest generation of machinery, can assist them in overcoming skin health problems. Not just for beauty, light actually has the ability to penetrate the dermis deeply and target inflammation, promote cellular repair and reduce pain.

Comparing an IPL Skin Rejuvenation Facial with a LED Facial.

Rejuvenation doesn’t just mean making something look younger, it’s about restoring and giving new energy. Both these treatments are rejuvenating, helping the skin look more refined and youthful, but also helping to restore skin health and function. While there is overlap of benefits from each of these powerful treatments, there are numerous differences needing consideration in deciding which is required to treat one’s unique skin type and concerns.

True Dermal Clinic uses the most advanced machines offering both these non-invasive therapies, and our clinicians will be happy to advise you. Although typically used as part of a facial, each device can be used on other parts of the body. The hands which typically receive a great deal of sun damage or may have scars, can equally benefit from a treatment with either light. It is on the face though we see the greatest variety of concerns needing treatment, from enlarged pores, sun damage, broken capillaries, cystic acne, scars, pigmentation or dullness.

IPL has long been the ‘gold standard’ for anti-aging benefits. It is gentle, safe, predictable and loved for its ability to stimulate the natural production of collagen. The LED facial boasts numerous skin benefits and is suitable for all ages and skin types.

IPL and LED with infrared treatments can be used for the face and body.

IPL can visibly reduce unwanted hair growth, broken capillaries, pigmentation, and post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation caused from having acne (brown/red marks). Along with stimulating the natural production of collagen and helping to refine the skin’s texture, even just one session can promote smoother and more youthful looking skin. IPL can be combined with skin needling or microdermabrasion The exact number of treatments depends on the individual, but as with HIFU, having a series provides a cumulative benefit, and thus the best results.

The treatment itself feels warm to hot, but not painful, and requires UV protection to be used daily. The skin may look flushed for several hours. Pigmentation over the next few days will appear to deepen in colour as the pigment is lifted to the surface, but this either gradually fades away over 4-7 days or falls away during cleansing. (no picking please!)

Over the next month as the skin naturally renews, it will look progressively rejuvenated and revitalised with a more even tone and more youthful appearance. Your dermal therapist will advise on the best post-treatment products and care. Prior to your appointment it is advised to not use any prescription Vitamin A for one week prior to your treatment and to use daily sunscreen, preferably zinc based.

LED is a powerful, yet non-invasive light therapy scientifically and medically proven to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and circulation, and in energizing cell function, it stimulates the production of collagen and promotes healing and restore normal cell function. It’s a great all-rounder, whether you’re a teen with acne, seeking anti-aging benefits, looking for a rejuvenating glow or treating wounds and scars. In fact, even without any visible skin problem, a LED light therapy session is a great treatment to promote skin health and a natural revitalised glow.

At True Dermal Clinic the LED facial includes infrared light, which has a penetrative depth of 633nm. Infrared light is known to stimulate the mitochondria to produce ATP, giving the cells more energy to function and regenerate. Infrared is used in health and recovery centres for its ability to reduce inflammation and healing of nerve injuries, and thus reduce pain, and for its ability to promote a natural detox.

Although a stand-alone treatment, it is ideal after a chemical peel, GENEO+ or Microdermabrasion to maximise these treatments.

Your skin will feel nicely warmed during treatment, there is no ‘down time afterwards and there are no special protocols to follow prior other than use of a daily sunscreen. Several sessions or a full course of 10-12 treatments will amplify results.

Both IPL and LED facial treatments use a penetrating light that safely targets skin cells deep within the dermal layers to strengthen their functions, stimulate blood flow and induce collagen production and a faster healing response. Each though is better suited to specific concerns. Our therapists will be happy to advise you further which is most appropriate for you.

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