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$425 for one HIFU Standard Face + Neck Treatment (total value up to $2295).


HIFU Ulthera is one of the recent breakthroughs in non-surgical skin tightening and lifting technologies. It uses targeted ultrasound pulses and the clients own healing processes to lift, tighten, tone and refresh the skin. This scientifically proven treatment is designed to gently and effectively target the deep structural layers of the skin to increase elastin and collagen production whilst stimulating the skin cells. In the HIFU treatment, the ultrasound waves will stimulate the deep structural supportive layers of the skin in a non-invasive, comfortable way with noticeable and natural looking results after a few weeks after your first treatment.


The treatment activates the natural healing processes of the body to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin as well as tightening underlying muscles. Perfect for firming up sagging skin, lifting the eyebrows, reducing nasolabial folds, softening lines and wrinkles, reducing jowls and sagging skin under the chin.


*Limit one offer per client, New Clients ONLY