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5 Things You Need To Know About Beauty

Updated: May 6, 2020

Tip Number 1: BE YOU! Yes we all have people who inspire us and there are certainly people we aspire to be/ look like, and that’s okay! The best advice I can give is be true to YOU. Create your own style through your individual likes not what other people think is considered “the in thing” Be confident in who you are and don’t let anybody change your roots.

Tip Number 2: Less is MORE! A lot of people tend to use way too much product on their skin/body. A pea size amount of each product in your skin care routine is recommended. The more you apply the harder the skin needs to work to absorb it. You can go all out with makeup and your fav lippys but when it comes to skin care, a little goes a long way!

Tip Number 3: EXFOLIATE YOUR SKIN! In my opinion this is the most important step in your skin care routine (I mean they all are) BUT! ensuring you are getting rid of all the dirt and gunk on the top layer of your epidermis is vital! You'll find that your other products such as your serums and hydrators will better penetrate once you remove that barrier of gunk and oil build up. I recommend performing a gentle exfoliation at least 3 times per week, especially for an oily skin type. Don’t forget to apply your chosen serum and most importantly MOISTURISE.

Tip Number 4: MOISTURISE! Regardless of whether your skin is oily, dry or normal, your skin requires moisture. Oil is NOT moisture, so don’t be fooled, never underestimate the power of your moisturiser.

Tip Number 5: SPF is your best product for anti-ageing. The benefits of wearing sunscreen daily are outstanding, not only does it block out the suns nasty rays, it also blocks their ageing effects. So my best advice before spending thousands on products to keep your skin in check, invest in a fantastic non-comedogenic sunscreen.

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