skin tightening treatment

HIFU Ulthera

The natural ageing process takes its toll on everyone leading to skin sagging and laxity that looks (and feels) overcome by the pull of gravity. Ultherapy treats areas and skin troubles that were previously considered ‘untouchable’ without surgery. With the support of ultrasound technology, deep collagen production smooths, tightens and lifts the skin for a more youthful look over time. It’s a natural lift for a new you.

The amount of treatments required depends on the amount of skin laxity, platysmal skin banding, mandible (jawline) boarder, eye drop, wrinkle folds, neck folds and chin fat. These areas are assessed by our Clinician using clinical assessment tools in your consultation. Best results are seen after 4 to 12 weeks and treatment can be repeated 4 -12 weeks apart.


Our Maxi Treatment increases the production of collagen in your skin by up to 30%. 

This provides the ultimate lift, support and contour due to the amount of collagen and elastin stimulated,  remodelling the structure of our skin in the most stubborn areas.

FACE: $1950

FACE & NECK: $2295


Inner arms/thighs, stomach, breasts, knees


Our Standard Treatment increases the production of collagen in your skin by up to 16%.

With the help of ultrasound technology this treatment is non invasive providing structural support to your skin for a natural lift and tightening effect for an overall more youthful look.


FACE: $1500

FACE & NECK: $1995


Inner arms/thighs, stomach, breasts, knees


​HIFU Ulthera uses precise ultrasound energy to target the deep structural layers of the skin without disrupting

the skin’s surface. After treatment, the body’s tissue repair process stimulates the production

of new collagen, creating a natural lifting effect.


Restore your face to a younger look in a more natural way than face lift surgery,

or if you are not at the stage of face lift surgery, this procedure could be right for you.  

Targeting the epidermis all the way down to the SMAS layer (4 layers) stimulating collagen, 

elastin and tightening the skin and underlying muscles.  Re-modelling collagen to create a younger, natural looking appearance.

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