Teeth Grinding Treatment

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a common habit that can go unnoticed or can cause adverse effects on your health and well-being. With the use of anti wrinkle relaxers we can soften and relax the masseter muscle that is responsible for chewing and the grinding stopping the grinding and the damage and health problems associated with grinding of the teeth. 


Many patients who grind their teeth my not even know they are grinding there teeth and others can suffer from migraines, pain, tenderness in the temporo-mandibular joint. Constant, headaches, earache, facial pain and even broken teeth. By Injecting anti wrinkle relaxers into the masseter muscle this provides instant relief of the discomfort caused and eliminates the risk of fracturing future teeth. This treatment last around 4-6 months and during treatment you will notice a feminine, softening an overall change in the shape of the jaw line.

Treatment Pricing and Packages

Prices range from $5 per unit to $11 per unit. Result last aproximatly 4-6 months.

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