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Let’s Talk Hyperpigmentation!

Updated: May 6, 2020

We are all so focused on the Suns damaging UV rays there is another threat that is not spoken enough about. Blue Light rays! Yes, these rays are coming off your smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer, tv, down lights. Yes downlights! And this is harmful to our skin damaging healthy cells, proteins and DNA. Blue light and the Suns UV creates free radicals which cause oxidative stress, weakening the skin’s protective barrier and the depth of penetration from the UV and Blue light radiation activates our melanin production which goes into overdrive causing hyperpigmentation!

Fun fact! Think about this when enjoying your book by the pool,

Our melanocytes under stress go into overdrive spitting out a lot unwanted pigment to protect itself and… this isn’t a localised reaction, say just on the legs, this is a reaction that happens throughout our ENTIRE body!! So, SLIP SLOP SLAP slather on that sunscreen!

Here are some common Hyperpigmentation forms:

Melasma and Chloasma. They often appear on the forehead, face, and stomach as Large patches of darkened skin. This is often triggered by hormones while pregnant or on birth control.

Age Spots liver spots and Solar Lentigines. usually present on older adults or after extended sun exposure. They commonly appear on the face and hands, or on sun-exposed areas of the body as dark brown spots or patches

Helpful ingredients can include:

Vitamin c is a free radical scavenger and a powerful antioxidant which counteract the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays, helping to prevent premature photoaging. Retinol Their small molecular structure allows them to penetrate deep into the skin and treat the layers below your epidermis blasting deeper underlying pigment and mimicking surrounding healthy cells retinol also helps lift any superficial pigmented cells by increasing cell turn over and refining the skin texture

Physical Sunscreen is not only for those bright sunny days! You need to be wearing your sunscreen as an antiaging method every day and not just the SPF in your makeup but a min of 30+ every day! Physical Sunscreen reflects the suns UV and Blue Light rays that we get from technology.

Helpful treatments can include:

Laser and IPL which is a controlled safe form light that is attracted to darker discolouration’s in the skin and draws the pigment to the surface to then shed away.

Chemical peels cut back the skin while infusing the skin with a cocktail of ingredients. A program with a combination of peels that target the epidermis, dermas and hypodermis will target all those unhealthy pigmented cells.

Microdermabrasion is another great treatment for cutting back the superficial layers of the epidermis this helps uneven hyperpigmented skin tones. This is also an amazing treatment performed before a laser, IPL treatments.

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