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Home facial kits are perfect if you're time poor. They're quick and effective for visible skin health results. Not only do these kits promote general skin health but they are great for strengthening the skin in preparation for professional in clinic treatments. 

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Home Facial Kit


Prevent the occurrence of expression lines, recover elasticity and smoothness while fighting the signs of photo-ageing. This is the ultimate SOS treatment for skin in need of hydration, providing intense moisture to hydrate and completely transform the appearance of dry skin.

Kit Products
STEP 1: CLEANSE -  Hydra Milk Cleanser 
STEP 2: EXFOLIATE - Pore Refining Scrub
STEP 3: MASK - Bio-Cellulose Recovery mask
STEP 4: TREAT - Proteogylcan Ampoule
STEP 5: SERUM - Clarity Peptides
STEP 6: MOISTURISE - Daily Radiance Vitamin C