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Coolsculpt treatment


The ultimate non surgical medical grade technology burns fat and builds muscle all at the same time. During a 30 minute treatment we are able to contract muscles in the area over 20,000 times using a safe electromagnetic HIFEM energy 

Clinical study's show a 16% increase in muscle and a 19% reduction in adipose tissue, gaining fast and effective results with no down time.




EMsculpting is a painless and non-surgical treatment that uses High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy. EMsculpting is the only FDA approved treatment that has proven results to permanently build muscle and reduce fat.

High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy induces muscle contractions. Approximately 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions are induced, something that is not achievable by voluntary muscle action. By inducing muscle contractions, we are able to stimulate the production of new muscle fibers creating muscle density and volume for better muscle tone and definition. High Intensity Focused Electro Magnetic energy also has an impact on our adipose tissue. As the energy passes through our skin and stimulates muscle contraction, we need an extreme amount of energy to make these contractions possible, this is where our fat cells initiate lipolysis. Lipolysis is an extreme catabolic reaction that releases high amounts off free fatty acids from within the fat cell leading to disfunction and eventually death of the fat cell. The fat cells collapse and are eliminated naturally with the help of our lymphatic system.


This treatment can also help close Diastasis. Diastasis is caused following a pregnancy where there is a partial or complete separation of the rectus abdominis r the 6 pack muscles that meet in the midline of your stomach. abdomen separates in line with the bellybutton. Even after years of Diastasis EMsculpting has proven to be successful. With sever diastasis you may need more then 4 treatments to heal the muscle separation. EMsculpting is a successful non invasive option before surgery. Treatment can start 6 months after pregnancy and is safe when breastfeeding. This treatment is also great to get the pre baby body back. A study suggests 60% of women experience Diastasis. Diastasis can affect anyone including men. Heavy weights or incorrectly performing abdominal exercises can create separation in these muscles.

The most recent study on healing Diastasis shows:

Post partum mothers recorded a 30% improvement in diastasis recti.

A reduction in abdominal fat on average by 18.6 % 

An increase in Abdominal muscle mass on average by 15.4 % 

Waist circumference decreased on average by 1.4 inches.

The data suggests treatments at increments of 4 is the ideal and most effective method of treatment.


The glutes are the largest and most powerful group of muscles and research shows very successful results with lifting toning and contouring of the gluteal muscles in only 4 treatments. The treatment focuses on the building of muscle fibers rather then burning fat for the ultimate perky, firm, lifted, fit buttocks.

A recent study suggests the most drastic enhancements were seen in the buttocks . 85% of the patients experienced a lift, firmer more shapely buttocks. Due to the size and strength of the gluteal muscles we are able to see the most outstanding results and 79% felt more confident with there buttocks shape.







Photos and measurements are taken before and or after your treatment. The treatment heads are placed on the skin. You sit back and relax and allow the treatment to burn your fat and build muscle tissue. The treatment only takes 30 minutes. You require 4x treatments 2-3 days apart and for the ultimate result you can incorporate this treatment with Laser Lipo and Coolsculpt treatments. 

Treatment Pricing and Packages


We believe in true transparent advice to guide you in choosing the right treatment options for you and to provide you with as much information and answers throughout your journey with us.

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