Body Contouring

Whether you’re looking to rid your thighs of cellulite or say goodbye to that pooched tummy, we offer a variety of non-invasive body contouring.   As such, we can help you reduce cellulite or shed non-essential fat to create a tighter, more youthful appearance. We offer a free consultation with our highly trained clinicians to determine the best treatment
methods for you.

For a streamlined body and smoother, wrinkle-free skin we offer a range of unique and pain-free body treatments to clinically improve cellulite, tighten loose skin, smooth fat deposits and boost your confidence. 


Take the first step by booking a body consultation with one of our clinicians to evaluate the area of your body you would like to improve.  Your clinician will assess the thickness of the fat pad, grade the type of fat - soft, hard, fluid, grade the type of cellulite and go through all your treatment options. 


Our clinicians will help you gain a realistic idea of the treatments you may require, explain how they work and guide you in the best treatment options for your body goals and budget.

Body Contouring

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